This is the official Bronystate lottery for our August 19th and 20th movie nights.
The drawing will be held at intermission during our Saturday movie night.
Now, vote for some good movies!
What is your name on Bronystate? *

This is the name you go by in our stream chat.
Movie Selection

Friends don't make friends watch crappy movies. Don't make us suffer through one because you think it will be funny. (Cool Cat Saves the Kids, Food Fight, Birdemic, etc..)
What is your movie selection? *

Be sure to note which version you're voting for if the film has any remakes.
Provide a download link.

This is optional, but if you win and we are unable to find your obscure independent Mongolian horror movie from 1943, then we will replace your pick with one chosen by the mod team.

We will only accept a functioning download link. That means no youtube/dailymotion links, no links to wikis, and no promises that you "can supply a copy".
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